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April 17, 2012

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Gus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gus
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cashmere Goat
Home: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
   January of last year, my oldest doe went into labor. She was having difficulty giving birth so I had to assist her. Her first kid came out with ease. The second kid was stuck in the birth canal because he was so large. I struggled for an hour to get him out. Unfortunately he was deceased by the time I was able to get him out. The third was Gus. I had extremely difficulty getting Gus out. I grabbed a hold of two feet and I pulled. I was not able to get him out. I pulled enough to see that I had a front leg and a back leg. This meant that Gus was folded in the birth canal. His head was down by his rump. I thought for sure that he was dead because he had been in the birth canal for so long, at this point it was close to 2 hours. I pushed his head back to straighten him out so I could pull him out. I managed to get him out. I cried when I hear him make a noise indicating that he was alive. However, his mom was going down hill fast. She was too weak to get up and nurse her two remaining kids. She was losing a lot of blood. After spending the whole night with her, we were able to get the bleeding to stop. I had powdered colostrum that I mixed up to feed Gus and his sister. We were able to save his mother, but had to bottle feed Gus and Faith because she had severe mastitis. We kept the babies with their mom to give her will to live. Every feeding, Danika (the mom) would escort her kids (Gus and Faith) over to us for the feeding. As they were nursing on the bottles, Danika would lick and clean them as if they were nursing on her. It was like an understanding and an appreciation she had for us.

    I have included several pictures of Gus. One is his baby picture, then pictures of him as a six month old, and the others are of him today.

    He is still very affectionate. He just melts in your hand when you scratch his cheeks and his neck. He has a favorite tree that he plays with every morning. It fell down in the wind, but every morning he rubs on it and pushes it over, and the way that it is laying, it falls back over the other side. So he pushes it and it comes back. We also have a basketball that he loves to push around his pen. Favorite treats are probably peppermint horse treats and animal crackers. We love him vey much.

Gus, the Pet of the Day
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Gus, the Pet of the Day
Gus, the Pet of the Day
Gus, the Pet of the Day

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