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April 11, 2012

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Pete, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pete
Age: 29 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow Crowned Amazon
Home: Ohio, USA
   Pete is actually a wild-caught parrot from before the import ban in the USA. I adopted him in November, 2011, after he had spent all his life with his original owner. I do not know how young he was when he was caught and brought into captivity.

    He is a very talkative boy and always learning new words. He says: hello, hello dear, hi, whatcha doin?, I love you, baby, come here, hurry, be right back, goodnight, wuv you wittle bear, yabba dabba do, wake up, sorry (after making a belching sound) and also speaks in his own made-up language. He has a hilarious laugh that attracts everyone's attention anywhere I take him. He has just learned to say, "Allllrrriiiiggghht" from his friend, an African Grey named Merlin.

    Pete loves to cuddle and be petted. He will put his head into my hand, close his eyes and even go to sleep. He also enjoys making me play fetch with him. He will take a small block of wood from my hand with his foot, and then toss it for me to fetch! He also enjoys plotting to get things I don't want him to destroy like my remote controls, cell phone, keyboard and bottle of eye drops. He never had any bird toys in his previous home and is still learning to play with them. He really likes bells and chewing wood. He also likes to show off by hanging upside down and fluttering his wings. He spends some of his free time watching TV. His favorite show is "Criminal Minds", but he is always up for a football game or motorcycle race. Pete is a talented opera singer, who is becoming a fan of pop and rock music.

    Pete was well loved in his previous home, but not cared for as well as he should have been. He is now on a healthy diet and growing beautiful new feathers. He is also becoming a very active boy. He is excited about growing his wing feathers back and beginning to fly.

    Pete has been a wonderful companion, and I am very happy that he came to live with me. He is really thriving now, and it's great to see how much he has changed! It has been wonderful to adopt an older bird in need and see him blossom.

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