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April 7, 2012

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Gilbert, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gilbert
Age: Twenty months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Kune Kune
Miniature pig
Home: Johnsburg, Illinois, USA
   This is Gilbert, in the Bumblepig photo he is sixteen months old. Now he is twenty months old. Gilbert is Kune Kune mixed with a mini pig. He is a fully indoor pig and is training to be a therapy pig.

    Gilbert does therapy training with kids, he will work with special needs kids and do educational meet and greets. His personality is great! He loves being close to people and cuddling, he is not afraid to be around large groups of people, we have taken him to do some training at our local Walmart, so he can get used to the sounds and people. Gilbert sits and will lay down he likes when kids read to him. He has two toys that are his favorite. One is what I call the moon ball there is only one opening to put treats in and he rolls it all over to get the treats out. The second is two spiny balls a large one and a small one we put into the large one and then we shove treats in the little, Gilbert has to figure out how to get the treats out. Gilbert is very affectionate when he wants to be but like a toddler likes a bit a little independent as well. He makes a great pet, but pigs are not for everyone they need a lot love and attention and you can't let them get bored. Gilbert's facebook page is Gilbert Big Pig Nelson, and he invites you to check it out!

Gilbert, the Pet of the Day
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Gilbert, the Pet of the Day
Gilbert, the Pet of the Day
Gilbert, the Pet of the Day

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