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April 6, 2012

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Sophie, Mina, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie, Mina
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Gainesville, Virginia, USA
   We never knew how wonderful owning guineas could be! Sophie and Mina love to play tag with each other in the morning. They run laps around their cage and squeak every time they hear a plastic bag. On grocery shopping days, they know what wonderful treats of fresh vegetables await them and impatiently squeak and run until they get it! When adding new hay they love to "popcorn" or jump in place to show excitement. Today we discovered how much they love laying in the warm spring sunshine!

    Sophie (orange and white) is the main squeaker. She will always be the first at the cage to greet you and take food from you. She'll eat directly out of your hand and nibble on your clothes. While I wouldn't exactly call her affectionate she is one needy piggy. She hates being alone and seeks attention from us or Mina but would rather not be petted. She likes to be talked to. She follows Mina around. If Mina is in someone's else lap Sophie will seek her out until she finds her.

    Mina (black and white), I would call her the "big sister" of the two. She is clearly dominant over Sophie, but is obviously lost without her. She would rather hide in the tunnel until Sophie has food, but then steals it right away. Now where Sophie does not enjoy being touched, Mina loves being scratched underneath the chin or behind the ears. She will sit in your lap and watch the computer/tv screen or crawl up on your shoulder and sit awhile.

    As mentioned both guineas love to play tag. They will run laps around the cage until the other touches and then bam! they are running the reverse direction. It's funny to watch them do this ritual every morning.

    These two guinea pigs are also inseparable. When one is removed the other squeaks until they are back together. WE LOVE SOPHIE AND MINA!

Sophie, Mina, the Pet of the Day
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Sophie, Mina, the Pet of the Day
Sophie, Mina, the Pet of the Day

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