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April 5, 2012

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Henry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Henry
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie
Home: Sarpsborg, Norway
   The pictures say it all! Henry is my baby! He is not my first bird, but he is the first bird I've tamed myself. I just bought a new parakeet and Henry thinks he's the boss of everything, but it appears that Pelle, as he is called, is the actual boss. He is very tame, and I can do almost anything I want with him as long as it is I, not anyone else, who does it.

    Henry flies out a lot and can be home alone without causing any damage. He also has a teddyfrog toy that I use on my keychain. He loves to argue with it to get out his frustration. But what he loves most are the bells that are actually bells belonging to fishing rods, those he can never get enough of. Otherwise, he talks a bit, trying to teach him more but he turns two years now about a week and getting a bit old, but he is still trying so it's very fun.

    He loves his mommy som much(me) and when I kiss him on the beak, he closes his eyes and blows up like a small ball of feathers. He does not respond to the name Henry, unfortunately, but when I call ''Pippelupp,'' he comes right away. When I go to work and comes home, he is sitting in the kitchen window, waiting for me and flies right to my face when I come in the door.

    A week ago, I rearranged my room, where my budgies also live, and I let out Henry so he could fly around the house a bit. He was so inexperienced that he did not know where he was going so first he landed on the sofa. It's okay, because he usually walks around on my furniture when I'm home. But as he flew around everywhere, he couldn't find a safe place to land on so he landed in the trash can! Poor thing, and as if this weren't enough, he managed to fly right in the door and went straight to the bottom. I had to laugh because he looked so miserable when he was in the garbage, but also felt sorry for him.

    I don't know what more to say, he is the most important thing in my life and I can't see myself without him! He is happy when I'm happy and sad when I'm sad, eats with me if he gets to and also takes a nap if I do, with me of course. I think he see me as his girlfriend bacause he wants to protect me always and it's only me who can do anything with him.

    Here is a little video of Henry talking, its in norwegian but you can use it if you want.

Henry, the Pet of the Day
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Henry, the Pet of the Day
Henry, the Pet of the Day
Henry, the Pet of the Day

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