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September 20, 2011

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Steve, the Pet of the Day
Name: Steve
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dumbo rat
Home: Newark, Delaware, USA
   I want to honor Steve the rat because he is absolutely wonderful. His full name is Swissy Steve and he is a Dumbo rat. When it comes to people, Steve is a snuggler. He'll do anything you want for a raisin or a piece of coconut. His absolute favorite food is raw broccoli. Steve is so smart that he answers to his name, comes when called, and knows how to walk on his hind legs. He lives in a cage but spends up to eight hours every day roaming the house and doing as he pleases - and he's never once chewed through an electrical wire! Steve's favorite place to hang out is on my shoulder while I sit at the computer. He also loves running on his wheel and jumping from one piece of furniture to the next. And look at that cute little face!

    Steve is my first rat. I decided to get him when I saw him in the pet store... At first I was freaked out by the whole "rat" concept, but the people at the store encouraged me to hold him and I was amazed when I saw how friendly he was! He jumped right out of the cage and snuggled up on my shoulder, and I knew right away I had to have him! He's the best!

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