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September 16, 2011

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Roxie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Roxie
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   This is Roxie, my five-year-old guinea pig. I got her in 2008, when she was about two years old. I rescued her from Wee Companions, San Diego's small animal rescue. It started on the day I came to the shelter in Fall of 2008. I was and still am a volunteer there, because I love seeing all the animals and helping them out. When I came in for my volunteer hours, the people informed me that they had a new addition, Roxie. They had taken her in from another small animal shelter in Los Angeles because they were over-crowded and were dispatching a few animals to helping shelters throughout California. So after I heard about her, I went to the Guinea Pig sanctuary to look for her. The minute I saw her I immediately fell in love. I loved all the animals there, but something seemed different about Roxie, I just felt like I needed her. After a few weeks of spending time with Roxie and watching her get to know the other guinea Pigs and animals, the other volunteers told me that Roxie was now up for adoption. I wasn't planning on another pet, but I made an exception for Roxie. I was the first to volunteer for adopting Roxie, and after another week she went to her new home-with me!

    Roxie has now been with me for about Three years, and she is doing great. She gets to come to Wee Companions when I go and play with all the other guinea pigs. She has a big C&C cage in her own room in the house, complete with lots of toys, food and Timothy Hay. Her favorite toy is her Hay basket, she loves trying to pull all the hay out of it and usually ends up with it all over her head! She loves getting her chin rubbed and would let you do it for years if you had the time. Her favorite treats are grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot slims and corn husk. Even after I make her a mini-salad she wants more, what a piggy she is!

    She is also a very friendly and social guinea pig. She can make friends with anyone, using her cuteness of course! She really loves hanging around our ten-year-old cat named Tina, they seem like the best of friends! Tina doesn't mind her at all, she is a very sweet cat. Tina will sniff Roxie, and once I even saw an amazing sight. When I have Roxie out of the cage, she likes to cuddle in Tina's bed basket, and once Tina came in it and they were sleeping beside each other! No fighting at all. Roxie also loves having play dates with her guinea pig pal, Lily. Lily was a member of Wee Companions when Roxie was there, and she was adopted by our neighbor-what a coincidence! Now they get to play together every once in a while, and they enjoy the company of one another. She also got to meet some little chickens when we visited a farm in June, 2011. She loved it!

    I love Roxie in every way possible, she is just the best little Piggy - and she knows it too!

Roxie, the Pet of the Day
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Roxie, the Pet of the Day
Roxie, the Pet of the Day
Roxie, the Pet of the Day

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