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September 6, 2011

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Bochie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bochie
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
   Bochie's name comes from the Italian word "Baci" which means Kisses. He loves to give kisses, all the time. I fell in love with him the minute I laid eyes on him. He was dumped in a golf course in the Summer of 2006, when he was a year old and was rescued by Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue. The heat was terrible the day he was in the golf course, so his fur was red and burned from the Phoenix sun. He was so thin that his head looked twice as big as his body.

    When we adopted him, he became a wonderful family member. He is just a bundle of joy, a fun-loving Rabbit. He is the most determined bunny I have ever seen. He fears nothing, not other bunnies, dogs, nor cats. We love his spirit and his love of life. I always knew that there was something different about him. I have had a lot of bunnies, but he just seemed... different. My parents said that the first time I saw him, my eyes sparkled. I hesitated a bit when it was time to adopt him. My friend told me that if I did not take him, someone else would. In reality, there was nobody else there, but for some reason I couldn't stand the thought of him being away from me. I went straight to the Rabbit Rescue barn and picked him up and brought him home immediately. I knew he was mine and I was his. On the way home, Bochie was so excited that he didn't want to stay in his carriage. He sat on my lap during the ride home. It's a wonderful memory of the day I first got him, that wonderful day back in Fall, 2006.

    Sometimes, Bochie can be quite the escape artist. We have a fence up in the living room, making up his pen to play in while no one is home. He loves playing with it, but we ended up having to remake it because he kept getting out once he figured out how. Bochie got impatient, remember I said he was determined? So, he started chewing part of the gate. We thought it would take a long time for him to be able to get through it, so we left it for the time being. But boy, he proved us wrong! In only about two weeks, he had made a hole big enough to squeeze through. Amazing he is...

    Bochie lost his eye in the Summer of 2008 because of a scratched cornea. He had to have his eye removed and for the first few weeks he was in pain. He was such a trooper though, within a few weeks he recovered nicely. Now he still has one eye, but it doesn't bother him anymore. The first few weeks he had to adjust, he hit the wall or misjudged a step from time to time. Now he has adjusted to it well, and can jump on the bed with ease, what a bunny! I think that having one eye just adds to his unique charm.

    We also let him outside sometimes, when it's not too hot. He likes to investigate new surroundings. It is also a good exercise for him, since he can run in more open areas. It's been about five years and I just love this boy, more than ever!

Bochie, the Pet of the Day Bochie, the Pet of the Day

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