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September 4, 2011

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Sophie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie
Age: Deceased, Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: Luton, UK
   We saw Sophie at an open day at a local animal sanctuary and were told she had been previously owned by a family with children who had teased her and made her vicious. The following year we went to the sanctuary again and saw she was still there. During this time the staff had worked wonders with her and she was a lot more friendly and trusting. Although we already had two rabbits, we have a large garden and thought she deserved to have her forever home so we decided to adopt her.

    During her two years with us, Sophie really made progress and turned into a happy and confident rabbit. She had the run of a large enclosure during the day and a seven foot hutch at night. She also had a sand pit to dig in, which she loved. As she was already quite old when we adopted her, we tried to give her a good life to make up for what she went through in her past. She eventually passed away through old age.

    I would just like to say, adopt from a shelter if possible and don't overlook the older ones, they deserve a happy life too, and have lots of love left to give!

Sophie, the Pet of the Day

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