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October 22, 2011

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Dimitri, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dimitri
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Blue Dilute Rat
Home: California, USA
   I adopted this crazy little fellow on 9/23/11 and he has quite the story! While shopping at our local Petco, I couldn't help but look at the adorable rats. Sadly the bunch they got in where sick and undergoing treatment with a vet. Crushed that I wouldn't be able to take one home, I planned to leave when an employee let me in on a secret. She told me that a different location had baby Russians they were trying to adopt out. I didn't receive any more detail until I arrived at the other store and was taken into the back. It turns out that a man had dumped a box full of Russian Blues at the shop saying he could no longer care for them. The employees took them in and had been trying to find them good homes on their own time since they couldn't sell them in the store. Expecting to see the typical dark blue coloring russians are known for I was surprised to see a small male with an off-white coat and ruby eyes. I fell in love. This little odd ball would soon be called Dimitri.

    As soon as I got him home my little man was very excited and didn't need any alone time, he never once hid or showed any sign of stress. He was content running around the living room and climbing the bars on his cage and hanging upside down from the top. I also found that he has a thing for hand wrestling. He loves nothing more then attacking your hand with teeth and claws a 'blazing until he is satisfied that your 'dead' and then he quickly smothers you with kisses. Dimitri fearlessly explores everything in his path and loves to go on walks with me around town tucked in my pocket or perched on my shoulder.

    I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world and I'm so glad to be able to give him the permanent home he deserves!

Dimitri, the Pet of the Day

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