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October 18, 2011

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Shadow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shadow
Age: Three weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Palm Bay, Florida, USA
   I have two gerbils, this one's name is Shadow, and his brother is Oasis - you can see his nose a little in the corner. Shadow is such a cute little guy, and he and his brother always will put a smile on your face.

    Shadow is a hyper active speed demon that will make you laugh with his foolish ways. He can go unbelievably fast for such a tiny guy, and when he uses the wheel, he is just a dark blur and you cannot even see his little feet! He loves to explore, but we always have to be careful when they are out of their home because Shadow is so fast, and he will get into places and we are worried we could never catch him. Luckily, he likes us, and will come when we call him, or when I crinkle the treat bag. I have two gerbils because they are social and like to live in groups in the wild. Shadow and his brother have very different personalities but love each other nonetheless. They are a loving addition to our family and we're lucky to have them.

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