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October 17, 2011

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Cookie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cookie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: White Bellied Caique
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Hello my name is Cookie! I am a White Bellied, yellow sock, green tail, Caique. My Band says I was hatched in 2004 which would make me seven years old.

    I was just adopted three weeks ago. I have been to two previous homes both of which my wingless snake legged companions have had to give me up. My new companion, who I hope will be my forever companion, has been taking me out walking and shopping. introducing me to a lot of new humans. I actually even got to ride in a shopping cart at Home Depot. I am not sure I know what to make of it.

    I am under the ribbons I just won at the MCBA Bird show. My companion is proud of me cause I took First in Class First in Division and Third in Show. He took me to the show and everyone there convinced him to enter me.

    My new home, I am sharing with a bunch of finches, a sun conure named Red, my old bonded friend Ozzy, a rosy headed blue mute lovebird. and another Caique, named Scruffy that I am working on becoming good friends with. You can see us sharing the outside cage my companion has fixed up so we can get the sun. I like watching the birds that come to be fed on the street by my companion. Just today I saw a cardinal, five blue jays, half dozen turtle doves, a bunch of black birds and more sparrows then can be counted.

    Once today we have a hawk cruising the neighborhood. All the birds disappeared and we hid under the towel until the hawk went away. We then went for a walk with our companion, so I am getting tired now and need to sleep as it is getting dark out.

   Good bye and thanks for listening.

Cookie, the Pet of the Day

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