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October 10, 2011

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Lady Deathstrike, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lady Deathstrike
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Marble Borneo Short-tail Python
Home: Farmington, Illinois, USA
   Hello, my name is Charles, and this is Lady Deathstrike. Borneo Pythons get between four to six feet long and can weigh over twenty pounds. They are cousins of the Blood Python. So they are a short, but super fat snake. Borneos tend to be more mellow than Blood Pythons. What makes her a Marble and makes her special is the marking on her side towards her belly. They are white with black spots. Marble is a pattern morph. On a regular Borneo they are a solid pattern.

    She got her name because she is so fast when she strikes at her food. When food's not around, though, she's a big sweet heart. Borneos make great pets, but aren't a beginners snake. They come in many different color and pattern morphs. Borneos and Blood Pythons both get a bad rap of being aggressive. With a little work as babies, they calm down right down and make great pets.

    I have been keeping snakes (boas and python) for over nineteen years. I had one years ago and it was of one of my favorite snakes. When he died, I always said I wanted another one. Then one day I came across some beautiful Marble Borneos for sale and ordered one. Lady Deathstrike was the beauty they sent me. She is a great snake.

Lady Deathstrike, the Pet of the Day
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Lady Deathstrike, the Pet of the Day
Lady Deathstrike, the Pet of the Day

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