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October 6, 2011

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Batman, the Pet of the Day
Name: Batman
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Pequannock, New Jersey, USA
   This is Batman. We were lucky enough to make this little cutie a member of our family on July 16th. I lost my baby Norman on June 16th and could barely function without him. He was only with us for 7+ months and his death hit us so hard. I still had another guinea so I wasn't pig-less but I just ached all over for Norman.

    I found Batman in a local pet store on a Friday. I thought about him and went back and forth deciding if I wanted another or not, so the following Friday I went to go get him and didn't exactly go home with him. When I got there I was still undecided if I wanted to get another boy (Norman was my only boy) and I thought I'd hold out for a girl. The next morning when I got up I felt so bad that I left him behind that I got dressed and drove back there, again. I didn't waste another minute considering him, I just told them that's the one I wanted.

    He came home and was really nervous and I called him Batman because I wanted him to have a super hero name, I wanted him to be tough and fight off any illnesses that may come his way. I don' want anyone else getting sick and I want him to be happy and healthy.

    He is here for nearly three months now and he's very hyper and very friendly. He waits for me to take him out of the cage and he loves to run around really fast. He is different from any other pig I've had and I love him for it. I hope he is here with us for a very long time. We are nuts about Batman!

Batman, the Pet of the Day
Batman, the Pet of the Day

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