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October 1, 2011

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Elvis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elvis
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot
Home: Moorhead, Minnesota, USA
   I have two beautiful and sweet Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots. The first is named Elvis, a sweetie with an adorable yellow stripe on his head that looks like a mohawk and Priscilla a sweet shy little girl who has a tiny spec of yellow on her nose. They are both wonderful, but Elvis is nearest and dearest to my heart. When I got him and his mate, the woman I bought them from said she used them as a breeding pair and they were not tame and untrainable as they are both already ten years old and had gone this long without ever being touched by humans.

    Well, with some good advice from other parrot owners and a lot of patience they are now my sweet babies. It's like having two children stuck being two years old forever. They are always making new discoveries and figuring out some interesting way to take apart anything they can. One day I was doing my normal routine reading and singing to them (this makes them more calm around my voice) while I gave them their afternoon meal. I always end by telling them, "Mommy loves you." And then out of the blue, Elvis tilts his head to the side stares me down point blank and chimes, "Loooooove Youuuu!" It made my day, week, month and year. It was beyond cute and just melted my heart. Now even though he knows how to say thank you, whenever I give him a treat or a bath he chimes, "Loooooooveee Yoooouuu!" Here's a direct link to him chatting and saying, "Love you.".

    I have only had these babies a few months so their turn around from what their previous owner said they were is amazing! He has all sorts of funny tricks he does that make him way more entertaining than TV! My favorite is, if we are training and he refuses to do the trick we are working on but still wants a treat, he will climb down the side of his cage to the shelf his jar of tiny crackers are that I use as his rewards for learning new tricks and unscrew the lid and take one himself. This is made even cuter by the fact that he takes it back up the cage gives it to Priscilla, and then goes and gets himself another. He's a great bird!

Elvis, the Pet of the Day
Elvis, the Pet of the Day

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