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November 19, 2011

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Oreo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Oreo is our new rabbit. I got her June 1st. She is around two years old and looks to have some Mini Rex, Dutch and maybe some Mini Lop in her. Oreo came from a pet store who gave her away for free because she was brought in by some one who found her in their yard. Two days after she was brought to the pet store she had babies. I visited her every week to see how she was and how the babies grew. Finally we decided to get another bunny, as we already have two, Spice and Hershey. We went to Pets Unlimited and almost got a cute half lopped female but then we decided to go to Ruffin's to take a look and there was Oreo and her babies.

    We were going to get a baby but they were all sold, then the owners of Ruffin's told us Oreo's story and we couldn't leave her there so we took her home with us. Everyone who worked at the pet store was very sad to see her go. I see why, she is an awesome rabbit. Oreo was very nervous with us at first like all rabbits, but she is fine with us now, though she still gets scared easily. She has a very saucy personality, she likes to be boss which isn't good for bonding her and Spice. She actually is starting to get along with Spice but she and Hershey always fight. She is great friend with CoCoa the guinea pig. We were a little worried once that she had uterine cancer, but after her check-up the vet diagnosed her with a small bladder infection, she is on antibiotics for it. I will still keep an eye on her and have her spayed once she is healthy.

    Oreo is a sweet rabbit and I love her already, I think she will become a great friend to all us. Oreo will still need training but is definitely a great rabbit to own!

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