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November 13, 2011

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Prince, the Pet of the Day
Name: Prince
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch rabbit
Home: Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
   AD's Prince (Prince for short) was my first dutch rabbit. I got him from a pet store and joined 4-H with him. He's so special to me because every time I walk out to his hutch to feed him or groom him, he does these cute bunny hops every time he sees me. He will run straight to the door of the hutch and wait for me to open it.

    I consider him one of my most special pets because when I first got him, I was looking for a show quality rabbit for 4-H and he was one. However he would bite and scratch me. I was so close to giving him up but luckily, my 4-H leader told me to keep him and work with him-now we are practically inseparable. I will take him inside the house and let him run around in the kitchen, on the floor. He will always have an accident in a specific corner so I put a litter box there and now it doesn't matter where I put the litter box, he will go to the litter box. He's a really smart rabbit - not necessarily the smartest rabbit I have had... but he is smarter than most people think rabbits can be.

    Prince is also special to me because it was my first year in 4-H and he won me some really good ribbons at the county fair and took me to state. This picture is in his cage at the show - we would never keep him in a cage with wire for real, as that can hurt their feet. He didn't do as well in state as I was hoping but he did pretty good because after all, he competed against 28 other dutch rabbits. Now Prince is enjoying his life at my rabbitry as a stud and we hope he passes not just his good looks, but his good disposition to his kits!

   Prince is the sweetest rabbit and a very cute one too!

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