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November 6, 2011

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Pablo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pablo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pit Jani Snake
Home: Colorado, USA
   This Pablo and he is a Pit Jani - also called a Northern Mexican Pine Snake (The scientific name is Pituophis deppei jani.)

    Pit Janis grow up to seven feet as adults, he is obviously still a baby! Though as he is male, he will probably only get five or six feet. I actually went to the Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo in August of 2011, and I was searching for a snake that would probably only get to three feet. Wound up getting one that grows to seven, haha! I noticed the show wasn't selling the snake I was looking for. A vendor pushed the father of Pablo onto me and next thing I noticed, I was walking out the door with a baby. You can see his habitat in the picture, he likes to have hiding paces to sleep, and it's amazing how small he can curl up to be when he wants to.

    He is the chihuahua of the snake kingdom, he is just a little, innocent constrictor, but as soon as he spots those tongs we use to get him safely out of his tank, he puts on a big bad rattlesnake impersonation, he forms his body into an "s" and starts rattling his tail, and when he strikes, he never does it with an open mouth.

    It's funny, actually. I used to own a dozen arachnids (scorpions, bird eater tarantulas, alien arachnids, etc) before I moved to snakes. When I used to do arachnids anyone were most interested then disgusted, playing twenty questions about them, the instant I got a snake everyone just says "ewww, how can you keep such a thing?" He may not be what I intended to get, but he's a cool snake, and my buddy!

Pablo, the Pet of the Day

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