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November 3, 2011

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Oliver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oliver
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA
   It was my birthday June 26, 2011, and since I love Petsmart because I love pets, I got some stuff for my pets there. I remember looking in the Fancy Rat tank and seeing two small critters, but I couldn't tell what they looked like because they were in an igloo with bedding on them. I asked the employee if I could hold the rats. She lifted up the igloo and handed me a small tan tiny beautiful ratty. He was all tan. I said, "Oh my, mom, I have to take it! It's pretty rare for all tan rats to be around this area." He is officially a Standard Eared Champagne Self Rat. He was so calm and adorable! He seemed really tame! So my mom said, "Okay, go ask dad," and my dad said yes!

    So the employee put him a box and let me take over. I was in the car so excited and happy to have a new wonderful rat. Oliver's nickname is Ollie. I love him so so much! He is so special! What makes him special is how calm and tamed he was when he was just a little baby. Now he is much bigger and has his crazy times then he is really calm and affectionate and social. He will just lay on my legs and tuck his head in and fall asleep! He is such a beautiful and special rat! All the other rats we have accepted him happily. I am so happy I was at Petsmart at the right time to buy him and make him an addition to my family. I'm so happy he is in my life. He made my birthday the best one yet! Thank you Oliver for being so special!! :)

Oliver, the Pet of the Day

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