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May 26, 2011

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Emerald and Laney, the Pet of the Day
Name: Emerald, Laney
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Red-eared sliders
Home: Texas, USA
   My turtles are the only pets I have. Emerald and Laney are young, but I don't know how old they are exactly. They mean the world to me and they know it. I take them out of their cage to go swimming in our 50 gallon tank for some fun. They love the environment under the water. I love watching them swim around.

    Emerald is more out going of the two. Laney is the type that will crawl around to explore, but it takes him awhile and you can tell he didn't like having his picture taken, either. Emerald will start crawling as soon as you pick her up. Emerald and Laney do have races but of course, Emerald is the winner most the time. I take them both outside to give them time in the sun and let them enjoy the grass. They have different patterns on the bottom part of the shell, but I can tell them apart just by watching them, though other people think they are just the same, I know better! I love them a lot.

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