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May 23, 2011

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Myrtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Myrtle
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Box Turtle
Home: Illinois, USA
   I got Myrtle for my birthday last year, and she has brightened my day every day since then. She is a box turtle with cute little yellow spots on her front legs. She lives in a terrarium in my room, and when it's warm enough outside, she loves to roam around my yard as I watch her. Her favorite thing to do outside is wander into our garden and eat tomatoes off of the vines! Besides tomatoes, she loves worms, grapes, strawberries, lettuce, and especially bananas. However, she can be very picky! She'll eat up a red grape in seconds, but if I set a green grape in front of her, she won't even touch it. She is a very spoiled little turtle, but I love her very much. She's a little shell full of sunshine.

Myrtle, the Pet of the Day

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