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May 22, 2011

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Jane, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jane
Age: Two months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Angora Rabbit
Home: Burnham, Pennsylvania, USA
   I have two rabbbits Jane and her sister Blanche are 1/4 English and 3/4 German Angoras. Blanche is white and Jane's coloring is called agouti. Because I am a handspinner, their fiber is very important to me, so they are very spoiled bunnies! Blanche is named after Joan Crawford's character in the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" It suits her because she is smart and looks after Jane, and her name even means "white." Jane is named for the Bette Davis character, "Baby Jane," and that name suits her, because she is the little neurotic who always has to have what her sister has! If I give them each a carrot, Jane will drop hers and try to get Blanche's, and Blanche is always happy to share with her. Their hobbies are the same - include eating, shredding cardboard, flinging their toys and being groomed. They enjoy being outside in their small animal playpen (always supervised). They love their big sister Jet, a miniature Schnauzer, and she loves them, too (again, always supervised!). This photo was taken when they were about eight weeks old -- they are twice as big now and have moved into new homes to accomodate their size. I love Jane very much, even if she is a little on the needy side!

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