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May 14, 2011

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Ringo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ringo
Age: Five months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Blue-headed Pionus
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi, I'm Ringo! I am a Blue-Headed Pionus, which is a type of parrot. Aren't I cute? My head will turn a brighter shade of blue after my first feather shedding, called a molt. This will happen once I am about a year old.

    I came to live with my current owners just a little over a month ago. They won't let me share their last name on the Internet, so let's just call them "the Smiths" (that's not their last name). The Smiths think I'm adorable and they love me to pieces. They bought me a lot of a stuff for my cage, but I don't use most of it yet. I like to sit in my food bowl, but Mr. Smith is trying to teach me not to because I tend to poop in my food and that is not very appetizing.

    Like most birds, I groom myself to make my feathers clean. This is called preening. I also preen the Smiths' hair when I'm on their shoulder. Another way I can get myself clean is to bathe. The Smiths sometimes spray me lightly with water. Pionuses are supposed to like this, but I'm not a fan yet. Maybe once I get used to it I'll go in the shower with one of the Smiths. The full blast of spray would be too much for a bird, so they can splash me with some water from the shower.

    I have to have my nails clipped every few months so that they do not hurt the Smiths when I am on their arm. I also have my wings clipped so that if I get away from the Smiths I can't fly somewhere and hurt myself. If you have a bird (or are a bird!) and need this treatment done, visit your local bird store or bird vet.

    By the way, some of the food I like includes carrots and pretzels. Yum! I envy bunnies, they get carrots lots.

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