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May 6, 2011

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Jimmy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jimmy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred Horse
Home: Oviedo, Florida, USA
   This is Sir James aka Jimmy. Jimmy is special because he is my first horse. When I first got him I was so afraid to canter him because he is so big (17.0hh) and still growing. Before I got Jimmy I had only been riding four months and just starting to jump on a Thoroughbred mare Sienna. She taught me a lot. But enough about her, back to the main star. When we pull up to the barn, Jimmy knows our truck so he whinnies and nickers and throws his head about waiting at his stall door for his treat. He probably couldn't get enough treats in his mouth if he tried. Now after having him just over a year, he has improved my riding and made me much more confident. Even though he is a pain sometimes, I love him.

    Sometimes when I turn him out for a while before my lessons he won't let me catch him afterward, so I have to bribe him with mints and carrots before he even let's me near him with a halter. Jimmy is so great and sweet and lovable, other than when he is fresh and in the paddock during his time. Oh, by the way, we came from little cross rails to 2'9 oxers and are still raising the bar. He is sooo good, he doesn't spook at anything. I love my Jimbo, he's the best horse in the world. And he's even better at shows as you can see how beautiful he is with his braids and jumping at that. He's great!!! I love him!!!

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