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May 5, 2011

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Ruby Tubz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ruby Tubz
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Illinois, USA
   This is Ruby Tubz, and my little girl is three years old. She is a homo beige Chinchilla - homozygous means both her parents gave her the beige gene. But what makes Ruby special is she is the sweetest chinnie ever. She likes to be talked to softly and gets along with her cagemate wonderfully. She loves treats, especially Cheerios. Ruby is the sweetest chinchilla, but runs away when i am trying to catch her to put her back in her cage after play time. She would like to play forever, it seems, but she does let me catch her after a bit, I think it has become just another part of playtime for her!

    She is the biggest pig! She loves to steal her sister's treats when they get them. She is very sneaky and tries to steal anything she can reach, such as cameras, phones and treats. Her trick is when she hears the Cheerio box shake, she comes running to the top of her cage and waits. Her favorite game is to popcorn and wallsurf when I try to get her out of her cage. Her other favorite game is to nip my finger playfully and then run up my shirt during play-time. (She thinks if she can't see you, you can't see her! She likes to sit on you and snuggle you on her time, but when you want cuddles, she is not in the mood.)

    My favorite thing special about Ruby Tubz is she is so sweet and holds perfectly still when littler kids want to pet her. She doesn't squirm and doesn't freak when she sees them. She is my perfect model chinnie, unlike her sister.

Ruby Tubz, the Pet of the Day
Ruby Tubz, the Pet of the Day

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