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March 29, 2011

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Rosie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rosie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Grey Timneh
Home: Woodstock, Maryland, USA
   My girl Rosie Alexandra is as sweet as candy. She loves to play with her many toys. Rosie has a good vocabulary of words, sentences and sounds. Some of what she likes to say is "do you want a drink of water" "are you ready to take a walk" "hi honey" and a big "whoooppee do". You can hear and see her on YouTube. Some of the sounds she mimics is a human sneeze, the microwave, cell phone and my cat's meow. One of her favorite toys is an ice cube. You can see a video of this on YouTube as well.

    Rosie is my first bird as an adult. I had parakeets as a child. I was drawn to the African Grey species by their beauty and intellect. The famous CAG Alex (congo african grey) also influenced me. Rosie was thirteen weeks old when I got her and she had just fledged while with the hand feeder. She was a little on the clumsy side for a few weeks until she got used to her new home. She gets along fine with my gentle cat.

    I really do not like to dress up or teach animals tricks. Rosie can sing, dance and show off her brain power but she will not be riding a scooter or playing basketball.

    As for her food, she eats Harrisons pellets very well. She is not too keen on the leafy green vegies and prefers them all cooked. I make lots of mashes for her to eat for the evening meal. When I tell people I shop organic and cook for my bird, I really get strange looks. Rosie should live to be in her 60's, or even older, so she deserves the best. Rosie is a great bird and brings a smile to all that meet her.

Rosie, the Pet of the Day
Rosie, the Pet of the Day

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