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March 27, 2011

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Othello, the Pet of the Day
Name: Othello
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Leicester, UK
   This is Othello. He is a Panda Hamster (Syrian) because of his black and white coloring, and is very loving. He likes monkey nuts and putting food in his wheel and waking everyone up through night to be cuddled.

    Othello is a very contented little guy. He will just sit and let you stoke him without flinching or being jumpy (some hamsters can be jumpy when handled). He is very friendly and doesn't mind it all - he loves getting the place behind his ears stroked. He likes to sit in a Buddah-like pose whilst he cleans and grooms himself - though he can topple over backwards when he tries to clean his back paws - he has started leaning against his food bowl when he grooms so he doesn't tip over! He once fell asleep in the pouch of a hooded top I was wearing - he loves any place warm and snuggley. He loves cracking open monkey nuts by spinning them around in his paws whilst chomping on them and then pouches all the peanuts and goes hunting for more treats. His current record for totally demolishing a bell-shaped chew toy in his cage is one day. He likes to keep trim and he has a little routine - he gets up at 11pm each night, goes to the bathroom in his outhouse section of his cage then he goes back to bed. At midnight he gets up for some food and grooms himself. Then at 2am he gets up and runs for an hour in his wheel and is very active. He is always up at 8am having a long drink of water - it is as if he gets up to wave me off to work!

   He is the most placid and friendly hamster I have ever had.

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