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March 13, 2011

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Cleo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cleo
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green-cheek Conure
Home: New York, USA
   This is Cleo. She is a green-cheek conure and lives in New York with her "brother" Alfie and her "sister" Ema.

    In this picture, Cleo is hanging upside down from her door, a favorite pastime. She will also sometimes hang by one foot.

    Cleo is very funny, and very moody. She tolerates me, but my husband is her favorite person in the entire world. She will beg for his attention and, when she can, will ride around on his head for hours. She likes ears, so we try to keep her away from them to avoid being bitten!

    Cleo is also very insistent. She has a short, insistent call she uses when she wants something, and it sounds like "yit, yit" so we say she is "yitting" when she makes the noise. This has evolved into her nickname, Yit.

    She loves to bathe, but only in cold water and especially in the bathroom sink. She also likes to hide in small places, like under the pillows and sheets, and once in a folded up blanket, so we have to be very careful to watch her while she is out.

    Her favorite food in the entire world is the very tip of a fresh banana. If we are out of bananas, the world has gone awry and she will "yit" without pausing for breath to express her displeasure.

    The coolest sound Cleo can make is a soft laughing sound, almost like a little squeak. She has to be up close for you to hear it, but if her human friends laugh out loud about something, she almost always joins in. Cleo is a very special buddy.

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