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March 12, 2011

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Mary, Kerry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mary, Kerry
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbits
Home: Singen, Germany
   Hi, these are my rabbits Mary and Kerry. They are nine months old and very sweet. Mary is the rabbit with the white coat and Kerry is the rabbit with the black coat. Mary is my rabbit and Kerry is the rabbit that belongs to my sister. I love my rabbit very much because she is soft and warm. She sleeps in our house in the kitchen. Mary has a cage she shares with Kerry. I like the long ears Mary has. Mary likes baby food, but only gets it every two days, because that is not good for her teeth. I have to clean the cage every week, because my sister doesn't live with us in Germany. Mary likes when I scratch her on the neck. Kerry is very affectionate and she always wants to be in my bed. If my sister is with us she cares for Kerry and even sometimes cleans the cage. I love my rabbits very much.

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