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March 10, 2011

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Bo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bo
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue & Gold Macaw
Home: Weatherford, Texas, USA
   Bo is an eleven-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw that had a little trouble getting along with people when we got him. We have had him about a year and it took some work to get to handle him without a bite. But now he is very social, a great traveler, goes everywhere with us.

   He loves to ride the horses with us and even goes to the Ft. Worth Stockyards to hang out with us. Bo is now very friendly away from home, but is a little territorial in his own house.

   He has a huge vocabulary and tells me "Good Morning" every morning when he first sees me. He also says a few things that can't be printed! Yep - he's a potty mouth, but it makes us laugh... which makes him laugh... which makes us laugh louder and then he laughs louder... and that's our favorite game!

   I saw an ad listed by the lady who rescued him from neglect and I drove four hours to visit with him. (He had belonged to someone who got sick and the other people in the house didn't know how to handle him, so he spent a long time sitting in the cage with out attention.)

   I then came home and took my vacation, and went back to get him when I got home from a trip. I have had parrots for over 30 years so I have experience working with "hard to handle" birds. After I met Bo at his foster home, it didn't take long for us to bond. While most big birds are partial to either men or women, Bo likes both me and my husband. He's Daddy's best friend when Mom's not home, but when Mom's home no one else exists.

   He sits on my shoulder when we ride the horses. The horses are used to him and don't even pay attention to him. He is very well behaved in public and even talks to people (when he feels like it). He goes to the barn to clean stalls and sits on the rails and talks to the horses as they walk by. The horse steer clear of the beak!

   He likes to climb off his cage and follow me around the house. We have two Manx cats that get up and move out of his way when he's walking down the hall. His favorite game is throwing rope toys off the top of his cage and trying to catch them when I throw them back. He also puts a little basket ball in a hoop.

Bo, the Pet of the Day
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Bo, the Pet of the Day
Bo, the Pet of the Day

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