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June 26, 2011

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Mishka, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mishka
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nubian, Spanish Goat
Home: Canyon Lake, Texas, USA
   This is Mishka, she is a Nubian X Spanish Goat. When I got Mish from her previous owner she was skin and bones with two babies beside her. My dad could not believe I was going to pay $50 for what he called "The Ethiopia" goat. Her baby was free, since the previous owner was trying to thin her herd. The baby, named Angel, sadly went to the rainbow bridge less then a week later. She had what's called Goat Polio, a neurological disorder caused by a lack of Vitamin B12. Mishka went on to have three sets of twins, one set was stillborn and has since retired from breeding. She never made much fuss when she gave birth, was pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

    She is the oldest of our goats at thirteen. Mishka is full of character, and she "moos" at the other goats when they annoy her. She also will swing her head (she has no horns) and knock the other babies when they pester "her" kids. She is an interesting-looking goat, her body couldn't decide if she was going to look like a meat or a dairy goat. She also always nosy, has to know what's going on around the barn and yard. I don't regret that $50 one bit.

Mishka, the Pet of the Day
Mishka, the Pet of the Day

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