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June 17, 2011

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Tesa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tesa
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Marmoset Monkey
Home: Arkansas, USA
   Tesa is a different kind of pet, she is a Marmoset Monkey. Tesa was purchased for my older Marmoset, Zoe, for a companion. Zoe is almost two years old and she desperately needed a play buddy. When Tesa arrived to our home, she was strongly disliked by Zoe; jealously played a big part in this issue. But after much time passed, the monks finally started to bond and became best friends.

    Zoe is a Common Marmoset, while Tesa is a Hybrid. There are basically three different kinds of Marmosets: Common, Penicillata, and Hybrid. Common Marmoset's have white ear tufts, Penicillata Marmoset's have black ear tufts, and Hybrid Marmoset's are a mix between the two; they have black and grey ear tufts. Marmosets usually don't develop distinguished features, such as the ear tufts, until they reach maturity, which is usually around eighteen months. Marmosets usually weigh under a pound when they are mature. And yes, I have a license to be able to keep them, which is good, as you have to be knowledgeable to enjoy these guys!

    Tesa loves to eat. Some of her favorite foods are grapes, sushi, yogurt, chicken, onions, seafood, and any kind of pasta. Her favorite of all is Chinese food; she loves egg-drop soup! Tesa will eat anything that won't eat her first LOL. Her nickname is Tesa-Monster; we call her this because she's crazy. Tesa is always full of energy, running wild, jumping and playing nonstop. She likes to show off and be in the spot light; doing anything to get your attention. She truly is a little monster!

    Unlike Tesa, who's unruly and nutty, Zoe is much more calm and relaxed. The age difference has a lot to do with this; Zoe has mellowed out a lot since she was Tesa's age. Although it takes a lot more time and money to care for two monkeys, it's worth it. Getting to watch my two babies play together and groom each other just makes me smile. Zoe is a much more happier monkey now that she has Tesa as a friend!

Tesa, the Pet of the Day

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