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June 16, 2011

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Paul5/Elvis2, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paul5/Elvis2
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta spenden
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   Paul5/Elvis2 is so named because we know four people named Paul, so our fish is the fifth Paul we know. It became a toss-up as to whether he'd be named Paul5 or Elvis (because we are both Elvis fans). For a while, we called him both. Finally, we settled on Paul5/Elvis2 (the "2" acknowledges that The King is indeed the first Elvis). He has a long name, but we often shorten it to "P5/E2."

    Paul5/Elvis2 has an interesting story. We bought him on impulse when we decided to become roommates. We had not yet found an apartment, but we knew we would soon be looking, and we had discussed having many bettas. When we saw this cute little guy, we could not resist. We had never seen a tan betta before. Most endearing of all, Paul5/Elvis2 has rosy, pink cheeks and blue eyes! In fact, he resembles his human "parents" quite a bit, since we are both brown-haired/blue-eyed/pink-cheeked.

    For a month, Paul5/Elvis2 resided in Susan's cubicle, where he became quite popular! He lived there for the duration of our apartment-hunting. Susan's co-workers were sad to see him go. But now he lives with us in Brooklyn, and he is reunited with his big brother, Elijah Blu, another Betta.

    Paul5/Elvis2 has had many exciting experiences since joining our family. He came from a pet shop in Chinatown. He has accompanied us on long walks and shopping trips. He has ridden on a subway and in a car and on a bus. He has lived (and worked) in Manhattan. He has spent Christmas holidays with Allison in New Jersey. Currently, his life is a lot less hectic. He mostly spends his time watching over the apartment and flaring at his brother and his human friends and family members. We love him lots.

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