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June 12, 2011

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Marble, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marble
Age: Deceased, Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sugar Glider
Home: Bowling Green, Florida, USA
   This is Marble. My first Glider ever. I really thought he would be with me for many more years. Marble suffered an injury which should be considered as accidental. His friend, my other Glider Scrabble, bit him in the face, probably when he was trying to have some social time. The bite punctured his eye and damaged his nose. I was away just from the morning of that day to the night, I came back to find him injured. Within minutes of noticing his injury, I was on my way to the vet. The injury caused an infection and after a long seven day battle with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, vitamins and hand-feeding, Marble turned for the worst and developed pneumonia. It was downhill from there. After three more days and consecutive daily vet visits, Marble was not responding to treatment and had to be put to sleep. Even at this stage, Marble did not want to let go of our friendship and was trying to recover but his body was not responding. It was and is heartbreaking. I did not want to lose him, but I knew it was for the best.

    Marble and I were a team. He used to lick food off my hand, wake me up in the morning and he even followed me everywhere I went, sitting on my lap when I sat down to read a book or use the laptop. Our bond was strong. While healthy, Marble went to the vet regularly and my vet always made remarks on how big, fat and healthy he looked. He went from gliding to "rolling" as he got bigger and stronger. My little pig! He was the best pet I ever had as an eleven-year-old girl. This is my tribute to my hero. He was laid to rest in my yard right behind the wall from my bedroom directly behind my bed. Yup, that's right... my love for this little rascal is (I have been told) obsessive. Even though it has been four years now and I am fifteen, I miss him every day, evening, feeding time, cage cleaning time for my other gliders, and just about every time his name is mentioned, at least one tear is in his name.

   I miss you Marble. I truly miss you, and will always love you.

Marble, the Pet of the Day

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