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June 5, 2011

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Ilias, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ilias
Age: Deceased, Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Agouti Berkshire rat
Home: Texas, USA
   Ilias meant the world to me. One June 2nd, this sweet little boy came in to my life. My first rat, Sara gave birth to thirteen little babies. I knew from the first day that I could see his color coming in that he would forever be mine or, rather I would be his. Even when he was tiny, I spent almost all of my time doing something with him.

    I did everything with my squishy boy. He went just about every where I did. I even snuck him in to Wal-mart with me a few times. He showed many people how wonderful rats could be. He would always give them his sweet smile, and then they would want to pet him. He slept in the bed with me and even had his own pillow. He was the sweetest boy in the whole word. He gave me kisses, licked away my tears when I was upset, and would sit perched on my shoulder and stick his little nose in my ear to give me whisker kissies. Every day, he would wake me up by licking my hand, or nibbling on my fingers, and then we would spend a fair amount of time together cuddling, and me giving him treats. We would sit at the computer, with him in my lap, while he slept peacefully. His favorite things to do were to sleep, spend time with me, eat and bully other rats.

    He hated to be in his cage! When I put him in there, he would glare at me, and trying to chew the bars of the cage. I always ended up taking him out because I couldn't stand to see his sad little face.

    After a long battle with respiratory disease, he lost the battle the following February 15th. I was celebrating his mom Sara's birthday and after she and her cage mate had their fill of her birthday cake and yogurt, I went to get the boys out for their turn. My baby boy didn't greet me, so I figured he was just sleeping, since he was a lazy boy, but he had passed away. I miss him every day, and there will never be another rat like him. Rest in Peace, my sweet squishy angel.

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