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July 31, 2011

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Trixi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Trixi
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
   We got Trixi on Easter nine years ago. She has a brown spot on the back of her neck, and her tummy is white but her body is black. Her ears, her tail, her neck and her paws are white. Her favorite food is parsnip and she likes treats, too. I think she is deaf, but do not know for sure.

    She is scared of cats. Our neighbor has a cat with the name of Milow. And when Milow gets near the cage, Trixi runs to the fence and makes loud noises. Then Milow runs away! Trixi had a sister Sissy, Sissy was brown. We got the two of them from my Dad's friend. They were very nice, they never went away from our garden. Most of our neighbors had rabbits, too, but they lost them when they went out of the garden.

    When we put Trixi out of her house in the morning, she pulls the fence away with her teeth. She goes to the cage and bites into one of the bars with her teeth and goes one or two steps back and then there is a hole and there she goes through. That's very funny, she isn't out of her house for ten minutes, then later she is often away. But in the noonday it is too hot, so there she lays, in the cage.

    Sissy died last year. That was very hard for us and I think for Trixi too. When Trixi is in the garden, she goes to the grave of Sissy and sits there and does nothing for one or two minutes. Then she eats grass or something like that. In the summer she eats a lot of grass from our garden. Trixi is so wonderful, we would never give her away. And we would never choose another. She is so cute when she runs away from us, when she goes away from her cage, but she always comes back!

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