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July 25, 2011

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Molly, Harley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Molly, Harley
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Rabbits
Home: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
   Molly and Harley are our baby rabbits, in this picture they are six weeks. They live with us, inside the house of course. Rabbits deserve to be inside with the family, not just stuck out back in a hutch, as they are very friendly and like being with us!

    Our rabbits are both very sweet and affectionate. They sit on their haunches when we call their names and look around for us. They love to run around the yard and kick up their heels and play tag with each other. It can be hard to tell them apart when they are running around, as they move so fast, but it makes us laugh to see them jump and leap into the air when they are playing!

    Molly and Harley are now about four months old. Molly is actually a male, something we didn't know when we got them. He is calm and easy going. He will come to you when you open the cage door and allow you to scoop him up for a snuggle. He is eager to be petted and the more carefree during outside playtime. He likes to dart under the shed and pop out on the other side, running wildly around the yard. When held, he is a lovey, snuggling into you and relaxing. He loves his ears and back stroked and will let us carry him all around.

    Harley is a bit more high strung. She is the smaller of the two and more skittish. She tends to be the follower, allowing Molly to invent their games and then joining in. She likes to kick up her heels and dart from here to there. Harley seems more curious, always sitting on her haunches and looking about or standing on her hind legs to look out a high top screened window of their hutch to see if anything new or interesting is there. She doesn't like to be held as much, preferring to come to you and hop onto your legs or back when she chooses. Molly and Harley are siblings, born on a farm in Maryland.

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