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July 21, 2011

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Ronnie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ronnie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Wood Mouse
Home: London, England
   We found our cat, Millie on the drive playing with a tiny mouse on a Saturday evening. We managed to get him safely into a little cardboard box and took him on the fields to let him go. However, he was paralyzed with fear so we took him into a larger box with shredded paper in the bottom and left him in our house overnight to rest. To my surprise, the following day he was still alive. I did a little Internet research and discovered that Ronnie was a baby Wood Mouse. At this time, he is about eight cm, half the size of an adult wood mouse. So we have decided to care for him until he is fully grown. We got him a funky little home, complete with tubes and tunnels, a wheel and some nice, soft bedding. He is our house guest!

    He is actually a fun little friend, and we are looking into legally owning him (we are not sure if there are laws against it) as he shows no signs of wanting to leave. He likes crawling on my shoulder and sitting there, and will watch shows with me. We keep him at a safe distance from our cat, of course, but Millie doesn't seem to mind him. Ronnie likes some treats like Carrot and berries, and of course his seeds. He doesn't really let me pick him up, but he will go in towel and let me hold him like that. Unlike most field mice, he is actually very friendly and will let me pick him up occasionally, but is timid around other people because his kind are not generally house pets. He is agile, curious and a good little - and I do mean little - friend!

Ronnie, the Pet of the Day
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Ronnie, the Pet of the Day
Ronnie, the Pet of the Day

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