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July 12, 2011

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Clyde, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clyde
Age: Six weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hooded Rat
Home: Australia
   This is Clyde my male rat. He is my first rat and I got him a few days ago and he is already bonding with me! I saved Clyde and his brother Cody from being eaten by two giant snakes! They were in a tiny tank with about fifteen other rats. I really wish I could save them all!

    He loves big cage and has a playground in my living room with lots of climbing toys and places to hide in he really loves it! Most of the time he just sleeps but his brother runs and explores everything. He loves sleeping on my shoulder. He sleeps most of the time, it is really his favorite thing to do.

    He loves eating peas and oats, that's his favorite treat. He will try to jump to get a pea, and he loves pea fishing. He is really picky and will eat the inside of a pea and leave the skin, but his brother eats the skin and leaves the pea.

    Clyde is not a shy rat. He got used to me in two days. He will climb onto my hand and up onto my shoulder and would stay there all day if he could! He loves it when I see him in the morning. He puts his paws out the bars of his cage and tries to grab my fingers. When he does, he tries to squeeze through the bars but he always fails at that!

    People who thinks rats are disgusting have never owned a pet rat. Rat lovers have described rats as small dogs or pocket dogs. And they really are the best rodent pet you could have. They're better than hamsters, mice and gerbils and I have had them all! Rats will lick you and roll over to have you rub their tummies. Rats will play with you and chase you around and around!

   I love Clyde!

Clyde, the Pet of the Day
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Clyde, the Pet of the Day
Clyde, the Pet of the Day

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