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July 11, 2011

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Poppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Poppy
Age: Fifteen weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini-lop Rabbit
Home: Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
   Poppy is our newest addition. After losing our other Mini-lop, Barney, we got Poppy from a Rabbit rescue not long ago. She is a real sweetie and just loves cuddles. Poppy will always sit in my lap while eating her treats, and stays there and cuddles with me afterwards. She loves her little "cuddle cup" we got her. It is like a mini dog bed made from cotton, which she finds very comfy. She hops straight over to it every time we bring her out of her C&C cage. She even pushes it around into the sunlight and then lays sideways in it with her head cuddled in. She also loves the front window. She stretches herself out on the window sill to get some sun, and her little back feet stick out. I call it her "Frog Stretch." She is quite the hopper at such a young age. One time I was getting her a treat from the kitchen and she did a super jump over to the table beside me, which was a good distance from where she was on the window sill.

    Although she sounds calm, she can be extremely active. When she is out of her cage she sometimes does a "hop lap" around the room about three times, then settles down for only a short time before doing it again. It's one of her ways to burn energy. She also loves tossing her carrot toy around. Once she tossed it all the way to the kitchen and it fell into the sink, and she did a super hop just to go get it. Then there's times when she doesn't like her carrot toy and nudges it off the side of her favorite chair, hops down and kicks it across the room.

   She is very sweet, and I love having her!

Poppy, the Pet of the Day
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Poppy, the Pet of the Day
Poppy, the Pet of the Day
Poppy, the Pet of the Day

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