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July 2, 2011

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Sparky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sparky
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Balkan Green Lizard
Home: Vidin, Bulgaria
   One summer day two years ago my father and I with some friends, we went fishing to a lake outside the town. The day was sunny, but because of the wind the fishing was poor. We were on our way back when suddenly a green lizard crossed the road and hid into a bunch of branches. My father hit the brakes, we jumped out of the car and ran after the animal. Our friends in the following car and also went out to see what was going on. "We saw a lizard" I yelled. "You'll never catch it!" they said, but my father was already removing the branches. I spotted the reptile hiding underneath and in the next moment it was in my hands, wiggling and biting my fingers.

    But he was just scared the, now he lets me hold him no problem, and with no biting. It was not safe for him living that close to a busy road, and he didn't seem to know to avoid cars. Also, he didn't move fast - we were able to catch him, so we figured he'd be eaten by a predator in no time if we left him there, so we took him home to be a pet.

    I named him Sparky. Now he lives in a big tank with my two other lizards Speedy and Jason. He likes water and I often find him in the water bowl. I feed him with insects and larvas. We spent a lot of time together, he likes the warmth of my hands and sometimes hides in my sleeve. I've brought him to school several times and everyone liked him. He is a cool pet, and a good friend to me and Speedy and Jason, too!

Sparky, the Pet of the Day
Sparky, the Pet of the Day

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