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January 27, 2011

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Hugo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hugo
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: African tortoise
Home: Bruchköbel, Germany
   Hi, my pet is a African tortoise and in the wild they live in the Sahara desert there, and his name is Hugo. We live in Bruchköbel, Germany, though. Hugo is 25 years old and weighs 85 kilograms (about 187 pounds). Hugo can live to be 150 years old and can weigh about 100 kilograms. He lives with our other tortoise in a big greenhouse. Hugo likes when I and my father feed him. He loves to eat hay, pumpkin and fresh grass. Sometimes he gets a carrot. He likes the sun, so Hugo and the other tortoise are outside when it's warm and sunny, in our big, big garden.

    Tortoise are beautiful and interesting animals for my family. We all love them very much. Unfortunately in the wild they are in danger of dying out, although they lived for ages on our earth since the dinosaur era for 200 million years. That is why Hugo is special to me.

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