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January 23, 2011

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Mr. Bibb, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. Bibb
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: El Paso, Texas, USA
   From Bibb's Dad:

    Bibb is the most affectionate pet I have ever had, allowing me to pet him for hours. He came to me as a rescue from someone who didn't have the room or knowledge to properly care for a rabbit; he was living in an aquarium. Bibb loves to run and play, snuggle with his microwaveable pet warmer, and he loves his food. Timothy hay, blueberries, cilantro, wheat grass and his favorite for a treat: whole grain bread crust. He was only supposed to stay with us for a week, but the person who had promised to take him backed out. Nine years later, I can only thank God that he came into my life.

    Bibb was diagnosed with moderately severe arthritis a year ago, and was having difficulty walking. Thanks to the miracle of Chinese herb and acupuncture therapy, he is now running, playing and jumping like the baby rabbit angel he will always be in his innermost soul. I look forward to many more years of joy with the always baby Bibb.

   From Bibb:

    My first person thought that I was a girl and named me Mary. Though she loved me, she had no room and kept me in an aquarium where my feet got dirty and stained. When I went to my forever home and it became clear that I was a man, my daddy asked what I would like my new name to be. To which I replied in resounding bass tones, "They call me Mr. Bibb."

   From Bibb's Mommy:

    We discovered that Bibbert (my name for him) was a boy, very quickly after he came to us. Even as a little guy, he would jump up and spray me with urine. I began wearing aprons and learned to grab the vinegar (a perfect solution to neutralize urine on clothing). He never sprayed his daddy, and the spraying stopped completely after his neuter surgery.

    Bibb has the most interesting facial expressions and narrows his "eyebrows" when he is irritated about something. What a character. The person who was going to take Bibb had a riding accident and broke her leg. She did not feel that she could take on additional responsibilities at that time. You know how people say that everything happens for a reason? Even though I am so sorry she broke her leg, I am delighted that Bibbert was meant to be with us.

    NOTE: Bibb was an Easter present. (Please don't buy live rabbits for presents.) Rabbits are the third most commonly "dumped" pet, after dogs and cats. Consider rescuing a bunny from your local shelter or animal rescue organization. Rabbits are delightful creatures and pass from their mischievous baby-cute phase into calm and loving companions. To learn more about house rabbits and how to care for them, please go to the House Rabbit Society website.

Mr. Bibb, the Pet of the Day
Mr. Bibb, the Pet of the Day

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