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January 12, 2011

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Yoshi, Shyster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Yoshi, Shyster
Age: One year, One month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red eared Slider, Yellow Bellied
Home: Canada
   Yoshi was my very first turtle. I received him from a pet store last December. He was so tiny, only two weeks old and not much bigger than my thumb. Everyone in my family just loves him. Since he loves food so much he will do absolutely anything to get it! So, of course, my family likes to make him do tricks for his food. He was living the life, until I started working and I wasn't giving him as much attention. I could tell he was getting lonely. So I saved up and bought him a buddy. Shyster is a baby yellow bellied turtle and is Yoshi's new best bud. I love them both so much!

    Yoshi, the bigger red-eared slider, was my very first turtle like I said, and I think he is very special. He can do tricks like eat food out of your fingers and even follow your finger whereever it goes. He is a big show off and just loves people, although we say he loves food more than anything.

    Shyster is just a baby. I have only had him for a short time, but he does have a very big personality. He just loves to copy Yoshi and he wants to be everywhere Yoshi is. Yoshi seems to get annoyed with the baby sometimes, but he tolerates him. Shyster is a little bit more shy, but I just know he will be like Yoshi one day. Yoshi and Shyster are really special to me! I don't know what I would do with out them!

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