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January 4, 2011

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Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Horse
Home: Kansas, USA
   Jack is a quarter horse type, an all-around good riding horse. He has been in some 4-H shows in Nebraska. He winters in Kansas at my house, then in the spring he goes up north to Lincoln, Nebraska where his other owner rides him. My twin sister found him among over 250 feedlot horses bound for slaughter in Filley, Nebraska about four years ago. They are so glad they bought him, he is a gentle horse who did not deserve to be in the situation he was found in. He has such a distinctive circle within his blaze, they almost named him "Target" but settled on Jack instead.

    In any group photo, you can always pick him out of the herd because of that big spot on his face. Jack has a very pretty sorrel color to his coat, and doesn't mind wearing boots on his legs. His hooves are so dense and tough he never needs to wear horse shoes, although our other quarter horses need to! He was already trained to ride and load into a trailer when he was rescued, we have to think that he was someone's good horse at one time, but we can't figure out how he came to be in that feedlot in Filley. All's well, that ends well, that is the saying! We are just happy to have Jack and to nominate him!

Jack, the Pet of the Day
Jack, the Pet of the Day

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