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February 24, 2011

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Destiny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Destiny
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgerigar
Home: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
   Introducing Destiny Beaker. My beloved Rocky Budgeboa passed away in October of 2009 and I was devastated. I told myself never again would there another bird like Rocky.

    That is, until I went to Petsmart in Newmarket, in June of 2010. I decided to go look at the birds like I always do, since my dog was getting a bath and I had time to look.

    I went to the budgies and kneeled down to have a good look and one of the budgies tried to get to me through the Plexi-glass. She was interested in my ring, so I let her look at it, and she tried to kiss me through the window. I asked to see her, and went to the back where the cages are, and she immediately came up to me and kissed my finger.

    I was smitten, so the next day, Destiny (after all it was destiny, right?) came home. She is a Dark Green Spangle Budgerigar.

    From day one, she allowed myself and my daughter to "cuddle" her head. And she now is becoming a brave little girl and although she doesn't talk like Rocky did or eat steak like he did, she is very special just for being herself.

    Destiny likes to "neck" when she wants something. She stretches her neck and we follow her, and she is on our hand as she does this! Here she is doing this :)

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