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February 20, 2011

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Sophie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holland lop, Angora mix
Home: Ontario, Canada
   I adopted Sophie when she was a baby from a couple whose female had a litter. She was born with two ears but her mother bit one off when she was just a couple weeks old. She has a brother who has no ears left whom the couple kept. Her missing ear does not seem to affect her at all, she tries to wash her missing ear the way she washes the other one, and now she's bonded to my New Zealand/California mix rabbit Hank, who cleans her ears for her now, they are buddies for life. Hank is only a baby, really, and Sophie has been his friend since I adopted him. Sophie used to be so shy and now she bosses Hank around and loves to be held and petted.

    One of the pictures has Hank in it - it is difficult to separate them to get photos of her by herself. They are now a real team! And her missing ear just makes her unique, that's all! We love her very much, and are glad her missing ear doesn't bother her. She hops about, and does everything a normal rabbit would do but prefers to spend time snuggling with Hank, when she's not being loved on by her people, of course.

Sophie, the Pet of the Day
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Sophie, the Pet of the Day
Sophie, the Pet of the Day

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