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February 17, 2011

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Ali Baba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ali Baba
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Haflinger Horse
Home: Bopfingen-Michelfeld, Germany
   This is Ali Baba, Ali for short. He is the favorite horse of my friend Fiona. Ali is a male, fifteen years old Haflinger horse. His home is Bopfingen - Michelfeld in Germany. Ali is a great horse. He's a very good horse for beginners, he is smart and knows when to be gentle with them. Ali Baba can also jump very well. He is a peaceful spirit.

    Fiona and I love it to take Ali and Merry - the other horse there - for a ride. Fiona loves him but she's got a little problem, because his owner wants to sell him after the summer holidays and Fiona doesn't yet know if her parents are going to buy Ali for her. But until then, we will love him and enjoy him, he is such a sweet horse. And we will always love him, no matter what happens.

Ali Baba, the Pet of the Day

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