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February 9, 2011

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Chipper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chipper
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Gray
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Chipper. He's a standard gray chinchilla. He came to me as a relocated pet in April of 2009. His previous owner's friend, a co-worker of mine who was keeping him while a home was found for him, told me Chipper was four. I was just supposed to be a pit stop on his way to his forever home, but I fell hopelessly in love with this little fuzzball and couldn't possibly give him away! He became fast friends with my husband, too, and will always have a place in our home. He's a friendly fellow and a patient one as I fumbled about learning everything there is to learn about chinchillas and broke a few rules along the way. Thankfully they weren't big ones! He forever changed all my beliefs about chinchillas just by being his own curious, friendly, lively self.

    Chipper loves to knock around his big cage and run on his giant wheel. He loves to chew wood, shred paper and eat shredded wheat squares ('plain, please'). He goes bananas for raisins! Just like a kid for candy. And he knows what he shouldn't eat. You should see the expression on his face when I let him sniff what I'm nibbling on ('What are you eating? Eew! French fries? Really?! No thank you.' Swipes nose.). He loves scratches and will hang on the front of his cage when we enter the room knowing we'll stop by to give him the attention he craves. He also loves to bounce about his play area looking for mischief to get into despite my watchful eye ("Not the wall, please, here's a chew toy."). He likes to meet new friends and sniffs curiously at everyone. He's met all my nieces and nephews and loves every one of them. He's gone on two long-distance trips with us and is our favorite travel companion. He even met Santa this year! Only the good ones get to do that.

Chipper, the Pet of the Day
Chipper, the Pet of the Day

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