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February 8, 2011

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Wawa and Schusch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wawa, Schusch
Age: Six months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Leopard Geckos
Home: Mainz-Bretzenheim, Germany
   These are my Geckos, Wawa and Schusch. They are six months old and are Leopard Geckos, they get this name because of their spots. When I come from school and go to them, they hide, because they aren't liking the sudden sun.

    They are two clever Geckos because they find all good hiding spots. They live in a special terrarium, with lots of things to climb on. They have a heat lamp to stay warm.

    I love Wawa and Schusch very much. I can go outside with them on warm days and they sit and stay right on my shoulder. I can watch TV with them to. They watch what is on the television, too. As you can see, they are friends with each other, and friends with me!

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